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ASTM E2583-07

Light Weight Deflectometer

Lightweight Deflectometer for compaction quality control

Light Weight Deflectometer to check compaction quality, Lightweight Deflectometer with geophone and load cell, buy from german manufacturer, best price! Light Weight Deflectometer TERRATEST 9000 LWD is a portable non-nuclear gauge for non-destructive test (NDT) of load bearing capacity (E-modulus). The device is using a geophone and a high precision load cell to check the compaction quality of unbound layers and partially bound material of soil. The TERRATEST LWD meets the ASTM 2583, the IAN73 (UK) and the UNI 11531-1 (ANAS Italy). ONE single person is able to perform the dynamic plate load test in less than 2 minutes without using a counterweight such as a truck or a roller. A wide range of accessories enables you to precisely measure all parameters of soil compaction quality under nearly all kinds of different circumstances. Specialists all over the world opt for the high quality of Lightweight Deflectometer TERRATEST 9000 LWD – Made in Germany.

The very short delivery time and a very low price, because you buy directly from german manufacturer, are unbeatable arguments to purchase Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) made by TERRATEST. TERRATEST LWD also offers a complete range of accessories for your new „ALL IN ONE“ Light Weight Deflectometer such as additional geophones, different load plates with different diameters, additional falling weights, transportation box and a trolley for easy transportation of your Lightweight Deflectometer.

The test procedure with the Light Weight Deflectometer is operated by the intuitive smartphone APP TERRATEST-LWD. The APP is available for iOS and Android. No extra electronic device is needed, all test data will be stored immediately on your own smartphone or tablet. Send your test results via smartphone where ever you want immediately from your construction site. A smartphoneholder at the top of your device makes test procedures more comfortable. Using TERRATEST LWD APP no additional PC-software is neccessary because all test data will be available already using the APP. The APP is already included in the standard package. For users who want to have the additional comfort to edit test results via PC, TERRATEST LWD offers an optional PC-software. This is for an additional fee.

Safe – Easy – Convenient

If requested, TERRATEST LWD offers equipment training at your domestic construction site by our LWD specialists. The training guarantees that new customers will be able to use TERRATEST 9000 LWD in a correct way and get precise test results. A very detailed manual in english language is always included in our standard package. Please ask for commercial offer and availability of on site training in your country.

TERRATEST LWD offers a cost free support via info@terratest-lwd.com

Technical details of TERRATEST 9000 LWD

  • Weight of device

    26 kg/53.8 lbs

  • Height of basic device

    1.400 mm/54.6“

  • Drop Falling weights

    10 kg/22 lbs, optional 15 kg/33 lbs,
    20 kg/44 lbs

  • Loading range

    0–15 kN (3370 lbf) peak load
    using optional weight 20 kg/44 lbs

  • Load plate diameters

    100 mm/3.9“, 150 mm/5.9“, 300 mm/11.8“,
    optional: 200 mm/7.9“

Device includes:
  • High precision central geophone

    range 100 – 2200 micro

  • Precision load cell

    to measure time history and peak of the impact force

  • Load plate with three different diameters

    (Ø 100 / 150 / 300 mm resp. 3.9″ / 5.9″ / 11.8″)

  • App for iOS and Android

    Application for easy handling of Light weight deflectometer

Additionally available:
  • Two external geophones

    range 100 – 2200 micro

  • Additional load plates

    Ø 200 mm resp. 7.8″

  • Additional falling weights

    (5 kg / 11 lbs each) to perform 15 kg
    or 20 kg (resp. 33 lbs / 44 lbs)


    for analysis of test data

  • Transportbox „Venezia“

    800 x 400 x 350 mm, 19 kg, 58 kg
    when complete
    31,2“ x 23,6“ x 40,25“, 41.8 lbs, 127.6 lbs
    when complete


App for iOS and Android


Load plate with three different diameters

Product Video

The portable Light Falling Weight Deflectometer TERRATEST 9000 LWD will improve your quality control process.

To learn more about it, please check our product video.


Benefits of Light Weight Deflectometer TERRATEST 9000 LWD

  • Fast and cost saving test method
  • Short time performance supports homogeneity testing all over construction site
  • Light Weight Deflectometer TERRATEST 9000 LWD operates without using nuclear material
  • ONE single person can check the compaction quality in less than two minutes
  • No counterweight required like a truck, roller or other kind of vehicle
  • Immediate on site test results, no time and cost wasting laboratory analysis is required
  • Tests can be performed in hard to reach places such as pipeline tranches
  • Stiffness and compaction quality control with only ONE device

Specifications of Light Falling Weight Deflectometer

Light Weight Deflectometer TERRATEST 9000 LWD meets the following international specifications:

  • ASTM E2583 (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • European Union CEN ICS 93.020 (European Committee for Standardization)
  • IAN73 (UK Standard for Highways)
  • UNI11531-1 (ANAS ITALIA)

Application fields of Light Weight Deflectometer TERRATEST 9000 LWD

  • Earth moving
  • Road construction
  • Thin asphalt layers
  • Recycled materials bound with foamed bitumen
  • Quality control of soil stabilization process
  • Quality control of subbase layers  and subgrade before building on it
  • Railway construction
  • Infrastructure construction such as cable and pipe trenches
  • Foundation backfills

Optional Accessories


Set of two satellite geophones
range 100 – 2200 micro


Two additional falling weights
(5 kg / 11 lbs each) to perform 15 kg or
20kg (resp. 33 lbs / 44 lbs)


Additional load plate
Ø 200 mm / 7.8″


Transport box “VENEZIA”
For secure TERRATEST 9000 LWD transportation
and storage with wheels for easy
transportation and positioning


Mobile measuring system “CARRELLO”
Trolly with fork system to perform tests
in a large construction site


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Lightweight Deflectometer Correlation Day 2019

Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) plays an increasing role in quality control of compaction work of foundations during road construction worldwide. Therefore it is very important that there is reason for highest confidence in the test results delivered by these devices.

During the recent „Light Weight Deflectometer Correlation Day 2019“ the objective was to understand if different devices (from different manufacturers or even those from the same) need to be calibrated with different factors to deliver the (nearly) exact results, even if every single Light Weight Deflectometer device has it’s own valid calibration.

To shed light into this matter Light Weight Deflectometers from the three manufacturers Dynatest LWD 3031, Prima 100 and TERRATEST 9000 LWD were compared. The Light Weight Deflectometers of these three manufacturers are designed according to the specifications ASTM E2583 (USA), IAN73 (UK) and UNI 11531-1 (Italy).

Different series of trials were undertaken using around 40 different devices of these brands, most of them Dynatest 3031 LWD. The event took place at the Sports Labs headquarters in Livingston (close to Edinburgh, Scotland) on June 11, 2019 and was organized by Michael Gordon, technical director at WSP Scotland and expert in UK pavement design, maintenance and investigation projects. The event was supported by Highways England, Sports Labs, Transport Scotland and AECOM.

Light Weight Deflectometer on olympic tartan

Light Weight Deflectometer on olympic tartan

Light Weight Deflectometer tested under labarotory conditions

Lightweight Deflectometer tested under labarotory conditions

Light Weight Deflectometer testing into outside area

Light Weight Deflectometer testing into outside area

Sports Labs designed two different test areas: one inside – under laboratory conditions – and one outside – under conditions of a real construction site. The construction site was protected against rain and wind by a tent.

At the outside construction site there was a test situation of two different gravel layers with a thickness of 350 mm and 230 mm each. The idea was to compare the test results of two Light Falling Weight Deflectometers mounted on a trolley with the test results of the Light Weight Deflectometers. Each DynatestLWD 3031, Prima 100 and TERRATEST 9000 LWD had to perform 8 tests on this construction site with different stress moduli. On each position the tests had to be done with 100, 40, 60 kPA. These tests had to be performed at exactly the same position right where the two Falling Weight Deflectometers had done the tests before.

The inside test area under laboratory conditions was build up with two different rubber plates pieces of 80 x 80 x 10 cm taken from the tartan track of the Olympic games in London 2012 and a cube of 100 x 100 x 100 cm full of compacted gravel. Here different series of trials took place, with different stress moduli as well, again 100, 40, 60 kPA. On each positions three tests had to be performed with different stress modoli.

At the end of the event all users provided their test results as a CSV file to the organizer Michael Gordon. He will check thoroughly if different Light Weight Deflectometers of Dynatest LWD 3031, Prima 100 and TERRATEST LWD 9000 will deliver nearly identical test results under those varying conditions.

The entire setup and the organization of this international event was very professional. More than 40 Lightweight Deflectometers from England, Scotland, Wales, Frances, Belgium and Germany were brought together to Sports Labs headquarters to make sure that quality control with Light Weight Deflectometer in construction site is the best, safest and most economic test method worldwide.